We’re likely not the cheapest gym around…and we’re ok with that.
We believe that you get what you pay for. We only offer high-quality coaching. High quality and cheapest generally don’t go together. With that being said, we’re not the most expensive either.


Sorry, not sorry. We don’t do discounts. Everyone pays the same price. Firefighters, military, teachers, paramedics, police…we get it, lots of places give discounts for your profession. Instead of giving blanket discounts to those who may not need it we choose to donate to  non-profit organizations we have carefully researched who provide specific and targeted assistance to those in need. 


CrossFit Pricing

Drop In $25/class  
10x Punch Pass
3x Per Week









CrossFit Kids Pricing

  Members Non-Members  
First Child $65 / mo. $85 / mo.  
Additional Sibling $50 / mo. $75 / mo.  


No contracts.