About CrossFit MHz

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Functional fitness, friends, and family: that is the story of CrossFit MHz.

In 2012 when we opened the gym our hope was to answer the need for functional fitness through strength training combined with cardio in the Tri-Town area. We wanted to help people of all walks of life and abilities become stronger and healthier through CrossFit. We wanted to help them find their inner strength and uncover or rediscover their inner athlete. There were a lot of “what we wanted” by opening a gym. What we got was ultimately much more than that.

The people who have walked through the doors at MHz are a melting pot. From the former athlete who got lost in the grind of everyday life, to the moms and dads seeking some much needed personal time, to those who have never lifted a day in their life, to the elite models of fitness, these individuals, all unique in their own ways, brought us more, taught us more, gave us more. Yes, through dedicated coaching, we have witnessed them overcome fears, tackle the unimaginable and become better, faster, strong versions of themselves. They have all achieved amazing improvements in their health and fitness. And we are so proud to be a part of that.

Over the years, however, they are no longer people we coach they have become are our friends. They are our gym buddies who are now sharing our passion for functional fitness. They are our friends who share in the joys and triumphs of each other in the gym, they are friends who have held each other up through frustration and pain from a tough workout (and even through difficulties in real, everyday life). They have given of themselves to help make CrossFit MHz successful.

We might run CrossFit MHz but this is what we are about – the athletes who have walked through our doors, who have become our friends, who have made our gym their gym. It started as wanting to bring functional fitness to the area; it became about family.

Please stop by any time to witness our crazy, functional fitness loving family in action. There is always room for more!

-Justin & Shondra Ritter